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Sprinkler Riser Compliance: Red Tag/Green Tag

Red Tag/Green Tag


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.18.34 PMHave you seen these on a sprinkler system riser?

Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 69A-46.041 requires all sprinkler systems to receive a green or red tag upon being inspected.  The green tag shows that the fire sprinkler system is functional and in compliance with NFPA 25 inspection requirements.  If any impairments or non-compliant items are discovered during a fire sprinkler system inspection, the system will receive a red tag.


What does this mean for the local engine company conducting a pre-fire plan?


If a red tag is spotted on a fire sprinkler riser, this should raise a concern as to the functionality and status of the system.  Red tag items are required to be corrected within 30 days (unless system is non-functional, in this case corrections must be made within 24 hours). On the back of the red tag is a space for the sprinkler contractor to note what and when repairs were made.  This will let you know what the issue was and confirm that it has been corrected.


If there is no writing on the back of the red tag, a copy of the fire sprinkler system inspection report should be obtained.  These are required to be on-site and accessible by the building management.  The sprinkler inspection report will detail what deficiencies are present, and the reasons for the red tag.


From this report the company officer can determine the severity and extent of the sprinkler system impairment, and determine whether it has been corrected or not.  Based on your review of the sprinkler system and its current status, operational and tactical plans may need to be adjusted.  Any sprinkler system deficiencies or other fire/life safety hazards should be referred to your fire prevention personnel for follow-up.


If you have any questions regarding fire sprinklers or protection systems contact instructor, Aaron Johnson, at