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Integrity Trained

What is integrity? We are all told that integrity is having strong morals and doing what is right even when no one is looking. If that is so, why do so many of us fail at it? Is it money, title, new generation or laziness? Either way we are professional firefighters, or at least we claim to be. We are called to mitigate every possible scenario and we are expected to do so flawlessly. Your community trust us with their loved ones and their property, right? What if your community could follow you around the station for a full shift? What would they see? Would they see a fireman that could find them in a smoke filled house and drag them outside to initiate effective CPR? Or would they see someone that will run out of air on the primary before the rest of your crew. Would you attend their funeral? What would your crew see? Ah… now we are getting somewhere, your crew! Officers, what does your crew think of your capabilities? Is your training up to par? Do you quit during drills or do you even participate? Are you trained out the ass but your too lazy to share it with your crew, doubt it but ok.  If this is you, you are doing a disservice to the service. Your crew looks at you the way our community looks at fireman. They look at you for answers and direction not only on the fire ground but in house as well. Don’t be that guy that consistently quits or freaks out during drills or worse calls, due to the lack of training. This goes for everyone in the fire service. Do your job, do what is RIGHT and TRAIN!

Lieutenant Cody Rodgers
Immokalee Fire Control District
Heavy Rescue 31
Local 2297 DVP