You and your staff do a great job!

It has been an absolute pleasure and cannot say enough good things about the school you operate. I honestly was able to learn more information and reinforce them through assignments, quizzes, and tests than the typical community college I was attending. The flexibility of doing the classes online is a huge plus. Having a 7 month old at home and a working wife definitely makes it hard for me to find time to study not to mention working at the Fire Department. I wish I would've found this school sooner. You and your staff do a phenomenal job putting these courses together and I look forward in furthering my education with FireEtraining.
One last thing, do you have any prep courses for Fire Officer 1 state exam?
Thank you once again and God Bless you.
-Job Maria

You have a great school!

Thank you, I really appreciate it! I will definitely spread the word any way I can. You have a great school going and I thoroughly enjoy your classes!

Sean D.

You Guys Are the Bomb

As for the good grade Thanks, You need to understand 1). I have been in for almost 34 years . 2.) I have been hesitant in moving forward with any more education due to being in so long and not knowing about on line courses and thought I had to sit another class and I just haven’t felt it. I am ready to retire but promised myself I would not until I get through my FO1.  3.) I just got a new company officer and he convinced me to try out your program. He said he has been doing his classes on line with you guys and he loved it. After talking to him, which by the way I trained him as a rookie, he convinced me to move forward and finish it and he would work with me . 5). I really have no computer knowledge I'm old school. When we started we did everything in log books, still road tail board, and collage education was not really talked about.  6.) I have read that book from cover to cover more then, 3 times.   I love this book as well as other books. Please know that because of you guy's making school interesting and giving learning a new meaning You just might see me on here again. Thanks so much for the opportunity to keep moving forward and using your program to help.  You guys are the bomb.  Keep up the good work and you can bet I will recommend, recommend, recommend, you guys.


Your Company Rocks!

Thank you for your rapid response to my question. This is my last class before I sit my F01. I have been in the fire service for 34 years now and have just decided to finish this up. I have never taken an on line class, however your company has provided a memorable experience.  Thank you so much for responding so quickly and restoring faith in me that there are other ways to take classes then sitting in classes, 5 days a week for 40 + hrs. Your company rocks.


Exactly What I Needed!

The Fireetraining course was exactly what I needed. I have three young kids and spend most of my time away from the fire station with them.  There is no time left over to spend in the classroom. The flexibility of this course allowed me to complete most of the work during down time at the fire station and the rest of it when the kids were in bed for the night. I have taken a variety of classes in the classroom and can honestly say that this course was structured in a way that I have retained more of the information than what I have in the past trying to listen and stay focused in the classroom. I plan on taking any other courses that I need and are available through fireetraining.

Brad Morris

A challenging & rewarding learning experience

“Building Construction for the Fire Services” is a challenging & rewarding learning experience, filled W/ real life facts & practical wisdom, this was an “Excellent Course”.

I am not in the Fire Services; that is a secondary function of my position. Being in construction since 1978 & a Building Inspector since 1998, these two authors have hit the proverbial nail on the head. I have had thousands of hours of training over the years, but the building construction information contained with in, has never been provided in such simple laymen's terms by any instructor or reference material I have seen. This course should be required credits for any Architect or Engineer seeking licensure. (God should have given Frank Brannigan another 50 years.)

Fred Estep

A Great Experience!

This was the first time I took an on line course and it was a great experience. I was able to take the class around my busy schedule without the stress of finding coverage or taking days off. Material presented was very helpful and tests were challenging. Information and personal accounts shared by other students was also beneficial. Any and all questions were responded to and answered promptly. I am looking forward to taking other classes offered in the near future.

Jon Gates

Complete Classes Around Your Schedule

Fire eTraining allowed me to complete my Company Officer class at my own pace and around my schedule. The site was easy to navigate, the instructor was easy to contact and he responded quickly to questions, the information was valuable and useful, the exams were fair and the requirements for completing the course were not unreasonable. I look forward to taking more courses through Fire eTraining to complete my Fire Officer I requirements.

FF/PM Carol Gushwa

Learn At Your Own Pace

Being able to take building construction class at my own pace was excellent.  Currently working full time and being in paramedic school being able to take a week out of my life to attend a 40 hour class just wasnt going to happen.  The course was easy to navigate.  I feel the learning expierence online was far better then what i would of received in the class room with someone reading powerpoints to me.  So thanks again.

Jeremy F.

Class Was Very Fair

I think the class was very fair. It was what i expected from an online class. Wasn't to easy it actually made you learn. Wasn't a big fan of the book but all and all it was good none the less. The class was easy to navigate through which helped a lot. I will be signing up for fire prevention FFP1505.

Brian Peek

Very Pleased

I recently took Fire Prevention Practices and was very pleased with how smooth the course went. With the busy schedule of a family and being a Firefighter, fireetraining.com allowed me to take a course I needed on my own schedule. Sometimes I logged on early in the morning and other times late at night. I was able to complete the class with out any problems. All questions were always answered immediately and I got my grades fast. This on-line course was straight forward and easy to understand, and I would definitely take a course here again.

Andy Chicas

What A Great Way To Recertify

The class can be done at your convenience and the online program is simple to follow. All questions I had were promptly answered by Alan, and he was always accessible by phone when I called. He is flexible and more than willing to work with you if you have a special situation like I did. I would highly recommend this website, and if I need to recertify again, I will choose this website to do so.

Ellen Beckman

Greatest Online Class(es) I Have Ever Taken!

Ease of use, easy payment and education at my pace. Also you can actually email the instructor and receive a reply in less than 24 hours.

Thank You!

Richard Criss

I had a great experience with Fire eTraining

I needed to renew my Fire Inspector license and need a 40 hour class. I was able to set my own pace and was able to learn new things from the various PowerPoint’s and You Tube videos. I would recommend your next 40 hour renewal class be taught from Fire eTraining Institute.

Drew Hacker

These classes were fun and had a lot of information.

I appreciate the feedback from Alan and the ease of operation of the website. Wish you had more to take.


Matt Mewes

Alan and Jorge are great to work with!

The online company officer class was very well put together and much more than I expected for an online class .

Dan H.